Succession season 3 finale: A look at some (possible) big reveals

Succession season 3For most of the past couple of days, a good bit of the Succession season 3 coverage has been geared around the eccentricities of Jeremy Strong and his acting methods. We do get it, mostly because so often, we as people are interested in better understanding those who are different.

Yet, for the sake of this article, we do want to get back to the story itself. What sort of big reveals do we anticipate seeing as the finale unfolds? There is a good bit to talk about when it comes to the fateful final minutes of this season, especially knowing in advance that a season 4 is coming down the road.

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Note that none of the following “twists” are spoilers; instead, this is mere speculation on what is coming down the road.

1. Kendall Roy is dead – This is the biggest theory floating around the internet right now and we get it, given the fact that Kendall was clearly depressed and struggling at the end of episode 8. Unless he pulls a rabbit out of his hat, he has lost in the ever-lasting battle with his father.

2. Tom and Shiv split up – Given the brutal scene between the two in episode 8, we wouldn’t be shocked if this happens. For most of season 3 Tom was set to be the sacrificial lamb; now, it’s all the more clear that his own wife doesn’t really love him in a passionate way. Don’t be shocked if something happens here.

3. Tom flips on Logan and joins Kendall – This may be linked to #2, but we could easily see him being the person who puts a new pep in Kendall’s step. The seeds have been planted for this through most of the season.

4. Greg and the papers come back into play – This is something that was seemingly resolved, or was it? Both it and the whole FBI investigation feel like they were tied together in too neat and tidy a fashion.

5. Connor Roy gets more power – Remember, he still hasn’t given up on his delusion to be President, really to the point where he’s even proposed to Willa to look more “electable.”

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What do you think we could stand to learn when it comes to the Succession season 3 finale?

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