Is Marisa Ramirez leaving Blue Bloods? Is Maria Baez quitting?

Blue Bloods season 12

Is Marisa Ramirez leaving Blue Bloods after being such a longtime staple? Is Maria Baez actually quitting her job? Much like a member of the Reagan family, we followed some of the evidence leading into tonight’s “Firewall,” and it made us very-much concerned over the character’s future.

Here’s what we knew for sure entering the episode: Baez was at least very-much considering a life beyond the NYPD. A sneak peek that is out there for the episode showed her pondering over her future after growing frustrated with the rigors of the job. Life has a detective is always stressful, but it’s even harder when you have no public trust and people are recording you on their phones every second of the day. It’s clearly taking a toll on her, and we don’t know if Danny can talk her out of leaving.

If there’s one reason to be hopeful entering tonight, it’s the oh-so-simple fact that there is no concrete evidence that Baez is leaving the show. When we lost Lauren Patten (Witten) earlier this season, there was some evidence that it was coming thanks to her Broadway schedule. Here, there is no real evidence of an alternate gig that Ramirez has at the moment. Could we be surprised? Sure, but we hope this is not the series repeating something we already saw with Eddie’s partner earlier on in the season. We love the Danny – Baez partnership and we’re hoping for a lot more great stuff from them moving forward.

The bad news – Rather than quitting, Baez was shot as she helped Danny close out the investigation tonight.

The good news – She was okay, though she was hospitalized close to the end of the episode. We’re not sure she will return to work right away, but there was no direct evidence she was quitting tonight.

How concerned were you that Marisa Ramirez was leaving Blue Bloods entering the episode tonight?

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