Survivor 41 episode 12: Who was voted out at final six?

Survivor 41 CastTonight on Survivor 41 episode 12, we were promised a ton of drama when it comes to last-minute deals and alliances. Entering the hour, we knew that Danny and Deshawn were on the bottom, but there were still a lot of opportunities to change things. Erika had concerns that she and Heather would be seen as too much of a duo, and there was also a chance at another immunity idol coming into play.

So what did we see transpire here? Read on and find out…

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For most of the episode, it looked like the person who would be taken out of the game was Ricard. However, he won immunity! That put everyone else in a position where they’d have to scramble, and the Deshawn/Danny duo were in more danger than ever before. It was clear entering Tribal that one of them would be going, even though there were other options out there.

The big surprise tonight was Danny going — who expected that at the end of the episode? We had a tie vote but, instead of taking out Deshawn, we saw them get rid of Danny instead. This was a questionable move for a number of different reasons. Take, for starters, the fact that Deshawn threw out all of these truth-bombs during Tribal Council that should have gotten him in danger. Yet, it seemed like Erika was the one really pushing to keep Deshawn around — maybe it was for that tiny hope of going to the final three with Deshawn and Xander.

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