Power book II: Ghost season 2 episode 4 promo: Is Cane leaving town?

CaneAs you prepare for Power Book II: Ghost season 2 episode 4 on Starz next weekend, things are gonna get crazy — really crazy. We’re going to be seeing Cane get even more desperate following the death of Jabari, especially since Zeke is now in the crosshairs.

He may not like it, but it’s looking as though Cane’s cousin is a lead suspect — in part because Monet’s put him in such a terrible spot. He bombed his interview, made it clear he had no real alibi, and also showed a PBA card for Ramirez, a cop who’s been dead for a while. Zeke was Monet’s way out and a chance to live a life separate from all of the crime and carnage. What’s going to happen if something happens to him? It sounds like Cane may be leaving town for a while after helping to clear his cousin’s name, or at least that’s what the promo below makes us think.

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What’s also interesting here is there’s a chance that Simon Stern may work to kill this entire investigation — he makes it clear, after all, that every single person in this world takes orders from him. It’s a reminder that Victor Garber’s character is arguably the most powerful person in this whole universe; but what benefits him in having this investigation buried? It’s not like he knows every detail about what Tariq did. We know that he probably has his own endgame, even if we gotta wait for a while to see what that is.

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