‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 9, episode 10 preview: Richard Webber faces the truth

Chief WebberThere will likely be some joy through Thursday night’s new “Grey’s Anatomy” season 9 episode, but based on the latest sneak peek for the hour below, it is also pretty fair to say that there is also going to be a fair share of sadness.

So who will be front and center in the middle of all this? It’s none other than a certain Richard Webber, who is being forced to battle his demons on a number of levels now. We know that he struggled with putting his wife Adele in a nursing home, and then struggled even more with the fact that her Alzheimer’s progressed beyond the point where she remembered him. To maker matters worse, she took a “boyfriend” within this place, and he has also started to date around with Jackson’s mother.

As this new sneak peek suggests, Richard will be forced to battle a whole new sort of demon: that he was not spending enough time with Adele at the home, and thus she may die now from a medical problem that eh was not able to remember if she told anyone about. Based on what Webber says while he watches the operation, the doctors involved are running out of options. It’s truly a sad story, and one that will leave a hole in Richard’s heart no matter what happens. While he could end up loving Jackson’s mother on some level, all he can really hope for is that it will offer up some peace from this particularly terrible time in his life.

Let’s just hope that there can be some sort of formal conclusion in this matter that allows there to be some sort of release for the characters involved. After all, at some point Webber deserves an opportunity to find happiness after the past few years.

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Photo: ABC

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