Dexter: New Blood theory: How John Lithgow could return

Dexter: New Blood season 1It’s been known for a little while now that John Lithgow will appear during Dexter: New Blood season 1. However, there have been questions for a really long time now about how this return could come about. Given our love for Lithgow, we didn’t want this to be some cheap cameo for the sake of nostalgia — there needed to be some substance to it.

Luckily, we’re now in a position where things are starting to make a little more sense … and it brings us to a really interesting theory we want to talk through further today.

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On this past episode of the series, Dexter learned that Harrison does, in fact, have a dark passenger — he went after Ethan apparently before Ethan did anything directly to him. Was it a potential preemptive strike to stop an incident at the school? Possibly, but there’s clearly a darkness there that was not clear beforehand. Dexter has ALSO learned that Ethan keeps a razor hidden in his flashlight, one that is similar to what Trinity used in some of his killings.

Remember, Harrison was born in blood — he was at the site of his mother’s death, and his subconscious may remember a great deal of this. It would make some sort of twisted sense that Trinity would exist in his mind, whether it be the devil on his shoulder or someone designed to haunt his every turn. Could Dexter picture him in some form, as well? Sure, but Arthur Mitchell is one of many characters he stopped over the years. Trinity would make more sense if we spent more of an episode insider Harrison’s head and learned, precisely, what it is that makes him tick.

Luckily, we’re only 40% of the way through Dexter: New Blood right now — there’s plenty of time to make big things happen.

What do you most want to see when it comes to John Lithgow on Dexter: New Blood?

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