Yellowstone season 4 episode 6 sneak peek: Kayce Dutton’s new case

KayceThis weekend will mark the arrival of Yellowstone season 4 episode 6 on Paramount Network. So what’s going to take place here?

For Kayce Dutton in particular, we’d say to prepare for a complicated storyline where his role as Livestock Commissioner comes into play — and with Thomas Rainwater, no less. The sneak peek below comes courtesy of Esquire and within this one, you see Rainwater tell him that a number of horses were taken off the Broken Rock reservation. What gives with this? They come from a prestigious racing family, so clearly these horses have a higher amount of monetary value than a number of other ones you tend to see around Montana.

Kayce initially responds to Rainwater’s request to look for them by saying that he has no authority on the reservation; that’s when he’s told that the horses were seemingly taken off the reservation and into his jurisdiction.

What makes this storyline matter to Kayce? We’ve already seen him working to establish new roots for himself, and fulfilling this request by Rainwater will build even more inroads between the two. We know that Thomas and John Dutton are hardly the best of friends, but the two of them are operating with at least a relatively similar goal in mind right now: Trying to stop their land from being taken. It’s why Thomas was able to give him the name Riggins in the first place. They can resolve whatever problem is in front of them now and go back to whatever conflict they want to have with each other further on down the road.

Beyond all of this stuff for Kayce, are we about to see Monica have a bigger storyline? We sure hope so, given that she hasn’t had all that much to do since the premiere episode.

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