Magnum PI season 4 episode 8 video: Is Magnum watching Higgins?

Magnum PI season 4Tomorrow night Magnum PI season 4 will return after its Thanksgiving hiatus, and it’s going to be a huge story for Magnum and Higgins.

For most of the season so far, we’ve seen that Perdita Weeks’ character has been working in secret for MI-6. She doesn’t necessarily want to be doing this, but she feels like her hands are tied. The worst part of it is that she finds herself doing some operations for them at pretty inopportune times. Take, for example, when Rick is dealing with some danger and personal trauma. He’s going to have his own mission throughout this episode, one that could leave his whereabouts unknown at certain times.

The new sneak peek below does reference the Rick plotline, mostly in the contexts of some messages Magnum has been sending Higgins about it. He clearly gets frustrating that she’s not answering, which leads to him asking questions about what she’s been up to as of late. He has a stakeout mission of his own here and while we don’t think he’s piecing ALL of the clues together just yet, he may have a few things to ask Juliet about the next time they have a free moment.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, but Higgins could eventually benefit from having Magnum involved in some of her secret missions. So long as the higher-ups don’t find out about it, he could easy some of the burden on her and this could be an opportunity to build even more trust between the two of them. The longer this storyline goes, and the more questions Magnum is going to inevitably have until he figures out the truth.

Also, we know that Juliet is fantastic at being discreet in her covert ops, but we don’t think she suspects Magnum is following her at all. That’s why, at least for now, he has the upper hand.

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