Survivor 41 episode 11: Did Deshawn lose Survivor Do or Die twist?

Deshawn Radden, Survivor 41Moving into Survivor 41 episode 11, it was immediately clear that the entire game was different. Shan was a dominant force through much of the season, and her blindside is the sort that alters almost the entire course of what the future could be. There was no dominant four-person group anymore! Instead, we just had duos and/or solitary players doing what they could to stay alive.

For Ricard, he made the biggest move of the season, but also put an enormous target on his back at the same time.

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The path to the vote-out tonight was so more complicated than what it first appeared to be. First and foremost, Danny won immunity; however, because Deshawn chose to play tonight and went out first, he was subject to the Survivor Do or Die Challenge. A game of chance effectively determined if he had an opportunity to stay in the game or not. It was played at Tribal, so everyone did spend some time leading into it strategizing and figuring out who were the targets. On the surface, it seemed to be between Ricard and Liana.

So what happened? Deshawn was saved by the twist, and Liana was voted out in a 5-3 vote. Xander opted to use his extra vote as insurance, just to make sure there was at least a chance at a tie if Erika flipped over. Was this a good move? Xander still has the idol, so it’s fine; we just wonder what the value is in ensuring that Ricard, who is a huge threat, sticks around for another week.

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