Survivor 41 episode 11 sneak peek: The aftermath of Shan’s exit

SurvivorAs we prepare for tomorrow night’s Survivor 41 episode 11, we should note that the game is now messier than it’s ever been.

What’s going to happen moving forward? The sneak peek below gives you a sense of some new-found divisions, but it’s too early to tell how some of these are going to impact the next vote.

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Immediately after returning from Tribal Council, Liana confronts Deshawn and Danny about being left out of the Shan vote. Her frustration is a little unfounded; sure, it stinks to be blindsided, but she has to understand that if she was told, she could’ve told Shan and Shan then could’ve played her idol. The only way for Liana to not do that would’ve been if she was told she’d be voted out instead, but even if Shan played her extra vote, it may not have mattered if everyone still voted the right way.

Now, Liana definitely has a reason to be upset about Deshawn and Danny’s explanation for going along with the plan. They claim that it wasn’t their plan — it was Ricard’s — and they didn’t think they had much of a choice. Technically, they could have forced a 4-4 tie and went to rocks, or convinced Xander, Ricard, Erika, and Heather that they were cool with the plan only to flip back and take out Erika. They didn’t do that and Liana has to know that they simply wanted Shan out.

What happens from here is where things get even messier. Technically Ricard, Xander, Erika, and Heather could be the new majority, but of that group Ricard’s a huge threat. Do you really want to go to the final four with him? If we were playing we’d say that Ricard and Deshawn are the biggest strategic threats left and therefore, the biggest targets. While Xander has an idol, he hasn’t done all that much of note since duping Liana at Tribal earlier this season. He could be taken out in a vote at the end.

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