Succession season 3 episode 7 hopes: ‘Too Much Birthday’

SuccessionAs you prepare for Succession season 3 episode 7 to come on HBO next week, could there be a celebration at its core? Well, we wouldn’t go that far, but the title of “Too Much Birthday” does make you wonder.

In general, we would prepare for this episode to feature an increasingly-desperate version of Logan Roy, especially as he does everything in his power to convince those around him that he’s got the right vision. Shiv and others have already taken some desperate swings to keep Waystar from falling apart, but it doesn’t feel at present that anything is going to stop Kendall. As things continue this season, we only imagine that they are going to become more cutthroat.

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The hardest thing for us to accept right now as a viewer is the oh-so-simple fact that there are only three more episodes this season following what we’re getting tonight. Sure, we know that Succession has been renewed already for a season 4, but we can’t quite say yet as to when it will premiere or what some of the stories ahead are going to look like.

In general, we think that “Too Much Birthday” will remain at its core about a power struggle — though maybe there will be a party hat or two mixed in. This show should remain as biting and satirical as always, and we still have a hard time thinking that happy endings are coming around the corner for a lot of these people.

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