‘The New Normal’ review: How did Matt Bomer do?

The New Normal“The New Normal” seems to be doing something remarkable over the course of its first-season run: presenting some funny moments, but at the same time every week makes sure to progress the story bit by bit when it comes to Goldie’s pregnancy, and just what David and Bryan are planning for the future. For example, did you know that the two are interested in having three children? This ended up becoming a key element of the story this week, especially when it comes to some of the plans that they had for Goldie.

You see, the two decided that they were going to try and set up Bryan’s ex Monty (a cheerful and self-absorbed Matt Bomer) with their own future planner Gary, but in turn what they really had was a baby-crazy Monty doing everything that he could to try and steal Goldie out from under them for his first kid. She said no … but then she also did not exactly say yes to David and Bryan when they explained that they were interested in having more.

So why did she make this choice? The final answer was simple: she had a career that she wanted to plan for herself, and thus she explained how she wanted to design baby clothes. This led to more delightful moments for our two leads, who basically told Goldie that she can have all of the time she needs to plan her future, and they will plan their own accordingly.

Were there some funny quips in here? Definitely, but this is a show that is more about a story than just about any other within this genre; at times, it’s a little too syrupy sweet (such as the storyline with Shania), but we’re also not sure that there are many other programs with this sort of heart.

Did you enjoy seeing Bomer on this show? If you want to read some more of the latest news pertaining to “The New Normal,” be sure to head on over to the link here.

Photo: NBC

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