Power Book II: Ghost season 2: Michael Rainey Jr. on Tariq, Brayden

Power Book II: Ghost season 2In just a matter of a couple short days the premiere of Power Book II: Ghost season 2 will be here, and to go along with that is an opportunity. Finally, we’ll have a chance to learn more about Tariq in the aftermath of Jabari’s death, and also how he immerses himself back into his college world.

At the center of everything with Tariq, of course, is Brayden. He’s his best friend, and two have a tighter bond than any other pair of characters on the show. Yet, this friendship doesn’t mean that they are necessarily free of conflict.

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Speaking in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, here is what Michael Rainey Jr. had to say about where things stand with Tariq when the story picks up:

It gets tricky between them two because there’s so much that goes on. There’s so much that Tariq can’t tell Brayden, and sometimes there’s so much that Brayden can’t tell Tariq. But they just find the middle ground through everything. So it’s definitely a lot of ups and downs, but the brotherhood is always there.

One question we are left to wonder amidst all of this is pretty simple: Why can’t Tariq spill the beans on some of this? Does he really have to keep hiding things from Brayden? Sure, it could create some danger for him if he ever spoke up, but we do think it could be cathartic for Tariq at the same time to speak his mind.

With all of this being said, the idea that Brayden has some secrets of his own this season is pretty fascinating!

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