Survivor 41 episode 9: Naseer, Evvie voted out in double elimination

SurvivorTonight on Survivor 41 episode 9, there was a chance for ALL sorts of drama across the board. Think in terms of where things started after Tiffany was voted off! It appeared as though fractures were starting to form in the dominant alliance, and that gave Xander and Evvie a little more wiggle room than they had previously. All they needed was to convince a few people to flip; or, hope that someone like Deshawn felt like he needed to shake up the game to have a chance at winning.

Unfortunately, there are no guarantees that a big move will happen — a lot of the hype coming into this episode may just be a well-designed fake-out by CBS.

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So where do we start things off tonight? How about (you guessed it) another twist! The tribes were split up into two groups: Ricard, Erika, Shan, Heather, and Naseer were in Group 1, whereas Xander, Deshawn, Evvie, Liana, and Danny were in Group 2. Erika and Xander won the two immunity challenges, and that set the stage for tough decisions.

Group 1 – It was between Heather and Naseer most of the episode. Ricard recognized that Naseer was a bigger threat and he wanted him out; yet, Shan didn’t agree leading up to Tribal. She had the extra vote and with that, a lot of power. Shan DID use her extra vote, but because of how she laid these votes out, it was a 3-3 tie! This led to Naseer’s surprising blindside from the game.

Group 2 – Here, it really came down to Deshawn: Would he go after Evvie or side with Xander, and in doing so vote out Liana? Xander also had his immunity idol! Yet, he didn’t play it and Evvie ended up being voted out.

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