Is Rockmond Dunbar leaving 9-1-1, Michael Grant character?

911 season 2Is Rockmond Dunbar leaving 9-1-1, and his character of Michael Grant, following the events of Monday night’s new episode? We do think there are reasons to be concerned about this at the moment.

Take, for starters, the fact that Michael is seemingly heading off to Haiti to begin the next phase of his life. He does this with love in his life, and the knowledge that he has overcome SO much since the start of the show. His health has been on the line and with this move, he has an opportunity to leave Los Angeles on his own terms.

So is this a permanent departure? Neither Dunbar nor anyone else is speaking on that, but it does feel as though the writers are saying goodbye to this character for at least the time being. We’ll have to see what the future holds, but we’re sure that the door is being left open for him to return at some point down the road. Even if he doesn’t turn up in the same scenes as some other characters, it is definitely still possible that he shows up on Zoom or through some other communication system from afar.

Our big takeaway from the 9-1-1 storyline with Michael is ultimately rather simple: Lives change. It’s not realistic to expect the same group of people in the same place for years on end. After Michael has gone through what he has since the start of the show, he may have thought a change was the right thing for him. We tend to live in a world where we imagine these characters as real, and this is realistically what someone in his spot could do.

With Dunbar’s exit, now we have to wait and see happens with some other characters in limbo. Chimney and Maddie both have been MIA a lot lately, but we tend to think they’ll be back in due time.

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