Succession season 3 episode 5 debate: What is Greg’s endgame?

Succession season 3There is no doubt in our mind that Greg is one of the most compelling characters within the world of SuccessionHe’s funny, bizarre, and there is an air of innocence to him that you don’t get anywhere else.

While it may be easy to just blanket-statement Greg and call him clueless, we don’t think that is necessarily the case. He’s smart enough to understand that there is value in having the papers, just like he understands that he needs a certain sort of legal representation to get him through a potential crisis.

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So what exactly is Greg hoping to get at the end of the day? Does he want money, power, or something else out of the ongoing battle with Waystar Royco? The fact that he’s not retreating entirely says a certain amount about his current plans. In a new interview with Vanity Fair, Nicholas Braun does his part to detail further how it is probably money to some extent that his character wants — though we personally feel there is an element of validation that goes along with it:

I think you’re either born with an ambition and to make a lot of money or not. I just personally think that’s like an instinct that’s born in people or it isn’t. And people eventually drift towards what they want. And so I think anyone who’s ended up in a circle like this, is there because there’s something compelling them towards it. And yeah, maybe it’s money for Greg. You know, he has been on the side of Ewan, which is like the moral side and the let’s not spend the billions that we have side. Jesse and I talked about it and it seemed like my mother and I were rationed money. And so there’s something about like going towards the Logan side where they’re spending money, they’re doing stuff. It’s maybe terrible stuff, but something is pulling Greg towards that. And it’s maybe all the stuff that he hasn’t been getting his whole life.

Greg seems like the sort of guy who wants to feel like a part of something, and that he can be looked at in a way where he feels valued. Hence, Tom pushing him to sign the papers on this past episode. It wasn’t necessarily pretty, but Tom knew the right buttons to push and in the end, it worked.

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What do you think we could learn about Greg on Succession season 3 episode 5 this Sunday?

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