The Blacklist season 9 episode 4: Will Harold Cooper turn himself in?

Harold CooperTonight on The Blacklist season 9 episode 4, we had a chance to see one of the biggest Harold Cooper stories in quite some time. There was a huge mystery at the center of it and at this point, we still don’t have a good answer to it.

So what happened to him the night of the retirement part? If you’re to believe the story presented on the show, we saw a situation where a gun was missing from his chamber and all signs point towards him killing the person who previously had an affair with his wife Charlene. With that being said, though, is anything really that simple? It very rarely is within the world of this show.

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Cooper says he only had a couple of drinks within this episode, which should not have blacked him out the way that it supposedly did in this situation. Meanwhile, his motive to actually kill this guy is really paper-thin at this point. He had gotten past his wife’s affair — it was years ago, and we don’t even know how much he still thought about it. They’d moved on.

At this point, it feels mostly like someone was setting him up to take the fall, but who would know about the affair and that Cooper would be seen as a suspect? The end of the episode featured Harold outside a police station, and we’re hoping that he’s going in there to turn himself in. Why? Maybe they can test his blood and figure out if he was drugged — that is really his key to getting out of this.

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