‘Teen Mom 2’ episode 8 review: Will Leah go back to Corey?

Leah MesserOn this weeks episode of “Teen Mom 2” we saw Kailyn reunite with her family, Leah flip flop about her feelings for Corey, Chelsea pass her GED tests and Jenelle have an epic meltdown.

So we’ll start with Kailyn: She takes off to Texas to reunite with some of her relatives, and even though it was hard she decides not to bring Issac with her. Kailyn confides in her cousin, saying that life isn’t going exactly the way she’d hope and is considering moving “out and away.” Later she nervously meets with her half sister Mikayla for the second time and the reunion is filled with love.  Mikayla tells her that she is also not speaking to their dad and Kailyn doesn’t feel that she’s going to meet up with her father on this trip since the last time she saw him she was pregnant and he asked her for money.  Kailyn says that she’d love to move to be closer to her sister, but because of Jo she knows that she wouldn’t be able to take Issac so it’s not an option.

Now we’ll move on to Leah: Ever since Corey admitted that getting divorced from Leah was a “mistake” she has been a mess.  She talks to her current boyfriend, Jeremy about the situation with Corey and his feelings for her and it makes him nervous to leave for the week, but Leah reassures him that nothing will happen with Corey while he’s gone.  After Jeremy leaves, Leah heads over to Corey’s house and he tells her that he wants her back.  She tells him that she misses the way things used to be and Corey couldn’t be happier about it, but she tells him that she knows this is just part of their “cycle”.  Corey admits that he shouldn’t have ever brought it up and Leah becomes even more confused about what Corey really wants. a few days later when Leah meets up with Corey to pick up the girls, she tells him that she wants more then just “lets get back together”, but he’s not willing to offer anything else at this point and seems to have reservations. Leah realizes that Corey is not the one for her and she decides to stick it out with Jeremy.

Next we’ll focus on Chelsea: She asks her sister to watch Aubree while she takes her GED tests. Afterwards she meets with her dad and tells him that she feels fairly confident about passing the tests. While waiting for the results of her tests, she decides to start trying to potty train Aubree, who really wants no part of it.  Chelsea tries to bribe her with a chart filled with gold stickers, but Aubree throws the potty across the room in protest.  Guess gold stickers aren’t that much of a prize, we might suggest something sugary. She finally gets the results of her test and she has passed.

Finally we’ll end with everyone’s favorite, Jenelle: She’s back on her medication to help with her bi-polar disorder, but she’s still not happy. Things are not going well with the man she’s been living with for a week (Josh) and she tells her friend that she feels he’s fake.  Jenelle takes Jace to the pumpkin patch and after a fun day together she tells her mother that she really wants to take Jace home for the night.  her mother isn’t sure that it’s a good idea and Jenelle loses her mind on her and storms out of the house.  Josh wonders what exactly he’s gotten himself into with Jenelle and suggests that maybe she cut ties with her mother.  Jenelle breaks down again and Josh tries to comfort her the best he can.

Photo: MTV

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