Survivor 41 episode 8: Tiffany Sealy voted out after crazy Tribal Council

SurvivorAs we prepared for tonight’s Survivor 41 episode 8, it was more than a little bit clear that expectations were high! This is what happens after you have the best Tribal Council of the season. There was a lot of drama, Liana burned her advantage, and no one ended up playing an immunity idol.

Yet, when the dust settled on all of that, it still felt as though everything within the collective Yase tribe will still going to be in a certain degree of danger. None of them had the numbers of their side, and Xander was the only one with some relative amount of safety. They also probably put a larger target on themselves with how tight they were at Tribal.

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So how did everything unfold on the show tonight? Yase WAS in danger, but there were issues elsewhere — take Ricard eating a papaya piece after the reward. Evvie won immunity, and she desperately needed to after being in danger for most of the day. Xander was one of the people who gave up his spot in the challenge for rice, so he really needed to consider using his idol.

There were multiple plans entering Tribal, but a vote split seemed to be likely involving some combination of Tiffany, Xander, and/or Naseer or Heather. Tiffany was voted out, but not before a REALLY crazy Tribal where a lot went down. No idols in the end were played. All in all, this was a crazy episode with a pretty predictable finish.

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