ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 5, episode 10 review: When Castle’s worlds collide

CastleWhat happens when you have your girlfriend and your ex-wife in the same place? As Monday night’s “Castle” season 5 episode best described it, chaos ensues. Rick made a huge blunder straight out of the game in allowing Meredith to actually stay at his place, and he then spent the remainder of the hour trying to dig himself out of a difficult relationship hole.

Ultimately, the hour did end up being a little bit more light-hearted than many of the early promos suggested, especially since the whole “you’re not the man I thought you were” speech was actually said by Beckett just as a way to get under her boyfriend’s skin after she got back at him for his “hospitality” by going with Meredith out to dinner (which is apparently a man’s worst nightmare when you have an ex). Beckett was not happy with the arrangement, but she agreed to let it slide so long as Castle did not allow any of his other exes to stay the night.

As for the case itself, it was not necessarily all that exciting as it revolved around a divorce lawyer who died as a part of a giant scheme in order for a scorned woman to hide her identity and ruin the life of a man who once ruined her. The one thing that was a little more significant was the interesting piece of information that Meredith shared just as she was finally leaving the loft: that the reason her marriage with Rick didn’t work out is because she could never figure out just what kind of man he was or all of his innermost thoughts … even though he knew everything about her. Is it impossible to be with a man long-term who is so closed-off? This is something that Beckett is going to have to delve into over the coming weeks, as she figures out whether or not this is the sort of future she was hoping for.

What do you think about this episode?┬áIf you want to see what Darby Stanchfield had to say about this “Castle” episode, you can do so over at the link here.

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