ABC’s ‘Revenge’ season 2, episode 11 preview: Emily Thorne’s jealous lover

RevengeFor someone who knows a thing or two about sinister plans, we’re almost a little bit surprised by Aiden. After all, the man is sure getting awfully jealous already about Emily Thorne’s relationship with Daniel Grayson on “Revenge,” especially since he was on board with the plan to get the two closer together.

So what is causing him to act so upset in the first teaser for Sunday night’s new episode “Sabotage”? If we had to guess, it would be simple due to the fact that he just saw his girlfriend kissing this other man in Daniel, and she did so far earlier than he expected. Had he known about it in advance, it would have been one thing; but instead, it happened just as he was climbing out of the shower, and their history together already has him worried from the standpoint of romance.

So in addition to this, there is also going to be plenty of other interesting stories that unfold. Once again Victoria is going to get her mind set on a mission, Daniel’s dealings with Grayson Global are going to remain as complicated as ever, and Jack is going to have to desperately scramble to try and find a way out of his current situation behind bars … if he can. Really, the only two people he may be able to rely on at the moment are Declan and Amanda, that is if they can even figure out just what is going on.

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Photo: ABC

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