Who is Allan Robert Murray, Milt Bradford? Yellowstone airs tribute card

Yellowstone season 3Who are Allan Robert Murray and Milt Bradford? At the end of the Yellowstone season 4 premiere tonight, there was a tribute to both men. In one way or another, they each had important roles to play within the overall universe of the show.

Let’s start off with Murray, who was extremely talented as a sound editor on the series. Unfortunately, he passed away earlier this year at the age of 66. What is remarkable about him is that the vast majority of his credits are big-name Hollywood movies like Joker and A Star is Born. He also worked often with Clint Eastwood. For Yellowstone to have someone of his caliber on board speaks to the talent that they were able to attract.

Bradford, meanwhile, was a famed horse auctioneer, and a part of the greater Yellowstone universe that this show represents. He and Taylor Sheridan share a great deal of history within the state of Texas, and he is one of the sort of people who could provide insight and inspiration to a lot of how a fictional Dutton Ranch looks and feels. Bradford passed away earlier this year at the age of 71.

Title card tributes are a way for a show like this to honor those who were a part of it in some way, and help give the family a sense of comfort that their memory will live on. These will air in subsequent airings of the show, and also feature within DVD sets and other releases. It is a loving practice used by a number of programs across the board.

One of the things that we’ve definitely come to see over the past few years is that working on Yellowstone is very much like working with a huge extended family. These people work often far away from home, taking on long hours and immense challenges. Much like the Duttons care for each other, they also do in their own ways.

Our thoughts go out to Milt Bradford and Allen Robert Murray’s friends and loved ones during what must continue to be a difficult time. May the two of them rest in peace. (Photo: Paramount Network.)

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