‘Game of Thrones’ season 3: Don’t make Tywin Lannister angry

Tywin LannisterWho knew that in real life, the man behind Tywin Lannister from “Game of Thrones” would be just as quick to offer up opinions as he is on the show? However, rather than trying to save the day here at the Battle of Blackwater, he is instead speaking out about what he feels is a curse almost equal to the idea of a Stark on the Iron Throne: reality television, in particular in Britain.

Speaking in a new interview with British publication Metro, actor Charles Dance (who will continue to have a considerable role on the HBO series moving forward as the Lannister family patriarch) offered up the following critique on television in the UK in general, which includes a number of highlights along with some low points that he and just about everyone else would rather not think about:

“It seems to be getting better. Every now and then we’ll come up with something really good – the tried-and-tested format of Downton Abbey goes on and The Hour is very well made … Secret State was pretty bloody good but we also turn out a load of s**t – I’m thinking principally of the worst of reality TV, which is mind-numbing.”

If Dance of course thinks that this sort of television is bad, we have one simple message for him: come to America. You’ll be even more surprised after that. After all, we’re probably the reason that some of the Essex-themed party shows are on there to begin with.

Switching gears, the real mystery for Tywin on season 3 is going to be whether or not he is going to let his newfound abundance of power suddenly get to his head. It would be understandable if he were to do so, but it may also leave him extremely vulnerable to a number of people … including Tyrion, who seems to be a forgotten man now that he is no longer Hand of the King.

Want to hear some more general scoop about “Game of Thrones” via Iwan Rheon? If so, be sure to head on over to the link here.

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