Succession season 3 episode 4: Brian Cox separates Logan, Kendall

Succession season 3If there is one thing that we’ve seen from Succession for a good part of season 3, it is that Logan and Kendall Roy have more in common than they’d like to admit. Both of them have decidedly-nasty streaks where they will burn anyone to get what they want. A lot of that comes down to control. Kendall wants to show that he can run Waystar and get out of his father’s shadow; Logan, meanwhile, already knows that he can do it. He just wants to maintain things and ensure that nobody else strips his power away from him. He very much likes to be in control of his own destiny.

So ahead of the two characters being forced to spend time together this weekend, let’s get into one subject in particular here: What actually makes the different from each other. Since Brian Cox knows Logan so well, isn’t he the perfect person to take on this subject?

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In a new interview with Collider, Cox makes it clear that what separates Logan and Kendall is a simple matter of self-worth; the former just doesn’t have the history of trauma that the latter does:

I think Kendall has had so much stuff happen to him, with the drugs, the breakdown in the family, the insecurity, and whether he’s good enough. His own self-worth is constantly being challenged. Logan doesn’t have any of that. He’s not even interested in that. He don’t give a f— what anybody thinks about him. He really doesn’t care. He’s much more in the moment, in a way. That’s the great thing. That’s the thing about the work. The work gives you these golden opportunities to fly, and not a lot of work does that for you.

As we get further into the season, we imagine that we’re going to be seeing this dynamic explored a little bit further, including if Kendall is trying to use this takeover as a way to somehow heal. Also, is anything going to actually make Logan break? He’s so impervious to a lot of what gets thrown at him.

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