‘Teen Mom 2′: Jenelle Evans’ husband in hot water over Confederate tattoo

Jenelle EvansReady for more Twitter drama from the “Teen Mom 2” world?

It never seems like we can go an extensive amount of time without seeing someone on this show manage to stir the pot and make national headlines; and more often than not, the star that we are talking about in particular goes by the name of Jenelle Evans. She and her husband have each received a new tattoo, and while hers (which is pictured here) is more or less innocent on the standpoint of actually causing controversy, we can hardly say the same about what Courtland Rogers chose to get on his own body.

Basically, the man chose to get a tattoo that depicts a Confederate Flag decorating his body underneath his skin, which is ripped open here almost like a set of gills. The depiction of the flag has long been an issue when it comes to equal rights, with many reminded of what it represents in an age where slavery was allowed in all of the Southern United States. This issue is even more prominent in the Carolina (where Evans and Rogers live), where you can find it depicted on cars and in many businesses.

Teen MomRogers has already taken to his own Twitter to defend getting the tattoo, saying specifically that it is well within his rights to get it and he did not mean any offense to African-Americans or anyone whose ancestors were slaves:

“I love black people !! This tatto [sic] was dedication to my grandma … The flag don’t just mean racist !! It was her culture back then !!”

Aren’t there other ways to honor your culture? We’ll let you come up with the answer to that, as we want to hear what you think in the poll below. New episodes of “Teen Mom 2” air Monday nights on MTV, but don’t expect to see Courtland (who Jenelle married late last year) to turn up anytime soon.

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Photo: MTV

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