Chapelwaite season 2: Is it renewed or canceled at Epix?

ChapelwaiteFollowing the big finale today, can you expect a Chapelwaite season 2 renewal at Epix? Or, should we prepare for this to be the end of the road?

Before we dive too deep into anything here, we imagine that it’s no coincidence that the Stephen King adaptation is ending on Halloween night. This is a story that has the perfect combination of mystery and horror, and we think that those who have found it have enjoyed it. Of course, we wish more viewers had discovered it during its run, as we don’t think it had a huge spotlight on it over the past few months.

At the time of this writing, there is (unfortunately) no news suggesting that a Chapelwaite season 2. This may not be because of ratings or performance, though. Remember that the show is based on a short story and in the end, there may only be so much material that the producers have to work with. Sometimes, it’s also better that viewers have a short run rather than extending themselves beyond a natural shelf life.

With all of this being said, we should note that there are instances of shows based on Stephen King works lasting far longer than expected. Take, for example, Under the Dome back when it aired on CBS. It extended itself past its source material, though we could all sit around and argue as to whether or not that was a good decision.

No matter what Epix or the show producers decide, we’d say to just be grateful that we had the run that we did this fall. A network like Epix is making it possible to have a wider breadth of shows on the air, and that is something that we are always going to appreciate more often than not.

Do you want to see a Chapelwaite season 2 renewal over at Epix?

Or, do you think this is so much better as a one-and-one story? Be sure to share right now in the attached comments! After you do just that, remember to stick around — more updates are coming and we don’t want you to miss them. (Photo: Epix.)

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