Golden Globes rankings: Do ‘The Newsroom,’ ‘Breaking Bad’ stand a chance?

The NewsroomIt’s day two of our Golden Globes coverage, and this means that we are continuing now to rank the contenders to win all of the major TV categories. We’re starting with the big enchiladas, and that means going now to the award that even has some of the more movie-obsessed Globe voters intrigued: Best Series – Drama. There were surprises in the nominations, and it is still possible that we could see a surprising winner; however, we’re still betting that this will be one of the show’s more predictable categories on Sunday night.

In case you’re new to the site, we are ranking her based not on who should win the Golden Globe, but who will.

5. “The Newsroom” (HBO) – While we know that there are some that jumped straight over to this show from “Smash” as their favorite “hate-tweeting” obsession of 2012, but we admit to being unabashed fans of “The Newsroom.” We actually think it is a far better show than “Boardwalk Empire,” and just as good as “Downton Abbey” season 2 (which is the one nominated here; we’d put season 3 above it). However, we still have to be honest here: the odds of “The Newsroom” winning are about equal to the odds of Sarah Palin coming on the show as a guest star.

4. “Boardwalk Empire” (HBO) – We’re still surprised that both “Mad Men” and “Game of Thrones” were snubbed for these two low-ranking shows here, but there is obviously something that the Globes love about “Boardwalk Empire.” We just don’t see it, since we largely rank this show (post-Michael Pitt) as “great” rather than “outstanding.” For every surprising moment came a few than were too long-winded for their own good.

3. “Downton Abbey” (PBS) – We anticipate the PBS hit being a nominee for quite some time, but this unfortunately will not be the show’s year at the table. Season 2 was probably the show’s weakest season, mostly because the Robert story came a little bit too out left field for our liking. It may only be one storyline, but we’re getting to the nitty-gritty here when you talk about the best show on TV.

2. “Breaking Bad” (AMC) – As great as the top three shows are, the problem is that they all have one flaw … with “Breaking Bad’s” being the out-of-character way in which Mike allowed himself to be killed by Walt. Outside of that, every second of this season was near-perfection, with the train episode being a pure thing of beauty topped by maybe only two episodes in 2012: “Homeland’s” interrogation installment and the Battle of Blackwater on “Game of Thrones.” “Breaking Bad” has a shot … but it has struggled in the past to get support from the Globes.

1. “Homeland” (Showtime) – Will voters forget about what happened to Walden? If they do, Showtime’s hit is pretty much a shoo-in to win this award. We really think its odds of winning this award are about 80% at this point, given the near-countless buzz around it and the plethora of strong performances within. So much of this show is really all about momentum, and right now “Homeland” has all of it.

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