Is Power Book III: Raising Kanan new tonight on Starz? A look far ahead

Power Book III: Raising Kanan season 1

Is Power Book III: Raising Kanan new tonight on Starz? Within this article we’ll do our best to answer that question — and, of course, talk about the future.

So where do we start? By focusing on things in the present. Unfortunately, there is no new episode of Raising Kanan coming onto Starz tonight; as great as it would be to dive into this world again, we’re not at that point right now. We won’t be there, more than likely, until we get around to the summer.

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So we know that we’ve got Book II coming next month and more Raising Kanan in 2022, but what about beyond that? How much more of this show could we get? We don’t get the feeling that Raising Kanan was meant to be some series that airs for a year or two and then vanish off the face of the Earth. We feel like there’s easily potential for a season at least, largely because we’ve yet to meet Ghost and Tommy in this world. There’s a good chance that Breeze will show up in season 2, and that character is sort of a foundation to what happens with Kanan, Ghost, and Tommy down the road.

Our feeling is that Raising Kanan won’t rush to put those other two characters on this show, largely because they want this to remain Kanan Stark’s story. If you start to throw some other familiar faces on the show too soon, all of a sudden the whole vibe changes.

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