Cobra Kai season 4: How to take the karate to the next level

Cobra KaiAs we prepare for Cobra Kai season 4 to arrive on Netflix, we know about one part of the central premise: The All Valley. Based on what we heard at the end of season 3, Daniel and Johnny are going to be able to jettison John Kreese if their students can defeat Cobra Kai at the tournament. Doing that is not going to be easy, and that is probably why they are teaming up.

Let’s say for a moment (not guaranteed) that Daniel and Johnny are successful in their mission — what’s next? Where do their students go from there? We know that there is a season 5 already and we have to imagine there are some bigger plans down the road.

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A big part of the charm of Cobra Kai has been the by and large, most of the story has been contained to a small area. There is so much heightened drama there and yet, most of the story only impacts a small percentage of the greater Los Angeles area. Near the end of season 4 or the start of season 5, they could start to expand that further. Could there be more state-wide karate tournaments, or even something on a broader scale than that? For some of the students, this could be important as they pursue larger dreams. It’s inevitable they will do that as they inch ever closer to graduation.

For Daniel and Johnny, meanwhile, there is another question season 4 should ask: Is this as big as it gets for them now? Is their sole ambition beating Kreese and winning the All Valley? There is absolutely no shame in that, but there are also more stories and you run the risk of repeating yourself too many times. We’re already at a point where this is the second time this particular tournament is the main climax of a central storyline.

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