‘Elementary’ episode 12 preview: Holmes faces off against ‘M’, Watson gets a new job

ElementaryOn last week’s episode of “Elementary” Watson faced the end of her working relationship with Holmes as his sober companion and started to get prepared to move on to her next job, but Holmes saw great potential in Watson as a detective and offered her an apprenticeship.  As much as Watson enjoyed working with Holmes on the various cases since becoming his sober companion, she felt that she needed to continue down the path she chose and move on to the next client, so she turned down his offer of an apprenticeship and told him that she had accepted another job.  Holmes of course did not take the news lightly and felt that she was making a big mistake, especially since on the last case, she found evidence that Holmes missed making them a perfect partnership.

On the next episode of “Elementary” Holmes will be facing off against his arch nemesis, “M”, a super criminal who followed Holmes to New York from London.  We are really excited that the series will be introducing a big bad for the series, because as much as we love, love, love Jonny Lee Miller it’s getting tired watching Holmes be smarter then every criminal on the planet – we want to see someone give Holmes a real challenge (for longer then one episode) and see how he fares, especially now that Watson is gone.

ElementarySo who is “M” and why is he in New York? We don’t know a lot about him at this point except that he is someone that gives Holmes a major headache, but new promotional photos of the character tell us that he isn’t the run of the mill bad guy and puts a lot of thought into what he’s doing.  Hopefully their plan to keep him around for more then one episode will still hold true and we can get to see a different side of Holmes – the side that’s not always right.

As for Watson, new promotional photos tell us that she’s still going to be part of this episode, outside of leaving Holmes for her new client. We see her standing beside a police car in one of the pictures, so it looks like she will still be helping Holmes in some regard.  After taking on her new client, Watson will have some doubts as to whether or not she made the right choice turning down Sherlock’s offer.

If you are as curious about “M” as we are , be sure to watch “Elementary” on Thursday, January 10th at 10 p.m. to see how Holmes deals with “M” as well as losing Watson.

ElementaryPhotos: CBS (Source: Spoiler TV)

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