‘Glee’ season 4 spoilers: Chris Colfer shares more on Kurt and Blaine’s future

Chris ColferIn just 19 short days (well, at least they are depending on how fast time flies for you), “Glee” season 4 will be back on the air with new episodes; and hopefully with that, we will find out a little bit more about what is going to happen with Kurt and Blaine. For much of the course of the season, these two have been apart whether it be at first geographically and then emotionally … but then, they actually came together for a few scenes during the Christmas episode, where they at least agreed to be friends moving forward.

So where does the couple go next? This is a subject that Chris Colfer elaborated upon in a new interview with Collider, where he starts things off by talking about the fan reaction to the couple before explaining where they could be moving forward. It’s an honest answer, but one that should also give “Klaine” fans out there some hope:

“I think it’s amazing, what they represent, and I’m so happy that kids have that relationship to look to.  But, I get the fans really mad when I say that I’m really happy they’re taking a break because it gives us something else to do, besides say, ‘I love you,’ and look at each other dreamily.  I’m sure there will be more of that, don’t the road, but I think it’s good for those characters, right now, to take a break and establish themselves as characters, rather than just half a character. “

Ultimately, we see what Colfer is saying here in that neither party really did not have a long-term story of their own last season, and it was instead largely about what they were each doing together. Do we want to see them back together eventually? Sure, but we also hope that it takes a little bit of time so that their relationship will stick and there won’t be any more problems with an “Eli C.”-type character down the road.

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