YOU season 3 episode 3: Why Love knocks out Gil

YOU season 3Three episodes into YOU season 3, and it’s abundantly clear that the show is not holding anything back. To go along with that, it’s equally clear that they don’t want to. This was yet another story that signified that when Joe and Love are together, they are perhaps even more dangerous than they were apart. Not only are they capable of murder, but they’ll also do whatever they can to protect their family — or at least that’s where things are right now.

At the conclusion of episode 3, we saw Love get what she felt was suitable revenge for her son getting measles, and it came at the expense of Gil, who opted to not have his kid vaccinated.

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Was there a topical element to episode 3? Absolutely, in between this and also the title of “Missing White Woman Syndrome,” the writers tried to start a lot of conversations here. With Gil, we saw perfectly how far Love will go to protect her son, even if she didn’t think through the consequences of her actions.

Here is some of what makes season 3 stand out versus the first two seasons — the setting. Both season 1 and season 2 were set in these huge, sprawling cities where it’s a little easier for people to disappear. Season 3, meanwhile, is a smaller community where everyone knows everyone else. We don’t have to explain why that’s a problem in a situation like this. People are definitely going to start asking questions…

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