Is Power Book III: Raising Kanan new tonight on Starz? Who could die?

Raising KananIs Power Book III: Raising Kanan new tonight on Starz? If you come into this article curious all about it, we’ve got an answer for you within. To go along with that, why not have a discussion about the mortality of some of these people? We’ve come to know quite clearly that this is a world where people could die at just about any turn.

We wish that we could come into this piece giving you further answers or question marks as to what the future could hold. We just don’t have that. There is no new episode of Raising Kanan on the air and instead, you’re going to be waiting until at least the spring/summer, if not later, to see more of what’s coming in Jamaica, Queens.

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So as we approach the new season, who is the major character we’re the most worried about? It’s probably Marvin, mostly because we’ve seen how emotionally volatile he can be already. This is not someone who is going to hold back and because of that, there are real risks that he will put either himself or others within the line of fire. He’s not someone who is explicitly mentioned all that much in Power itself, so we don’t have that much faith he lives forever. We’re a little worried about Famous, as well, mostly because he just isn’t built for this world no matter how much he claims that he is in some of his raps.

One more thing to remember is that on November 21, the new season of Power Book II: Ghost is going to premiere. Wouldn’t it be fun if a character from Raising Kanan turns up there, decades after the fact?

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What do you most want to see when it comes to Power Book III: Raising Kanan moving forward?

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