YOU season 3 episode 2: Are Joe and Love broken inside?

YOUIt shouldn’t be altogether jarring that YOU season 3 episode 2 on Netflix took its time in order to analyze who Joe and Love really are. They say that they love each other, but do they really? Are they fully there for each other?

We would say that episode 2 is the installment that does a fantastic job addressing the elephants in the room; most notably, the one where Joe almost killed Love at the end of last season and perhaps would have, if he did not learn that she was pregnant. She’d had to live with that and question constantly whether or not he accepts her for who he really is.

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As these two characters worked to figure out a solution to their Natalie problem in episode 2, there were moments where it felt like they were making a great leap forward. Joe was insisting they were a team and they could find a way to make things work. She understood him in a way few others did and on some level, we’re sure there is appeal to that … but also still problems.

You see, one of the central tenets of YOU is Joe Goldberg’s frequent professions that he is something more than who he actually is — he wants to strive for something better and to be with someone who views him in an idealistic light. He wants to be seen almost how Beck saw him at times during season 1, as thoughtful, caring, and in some ways perfectly normal. This is a guy who always wants what he cannot fully have. Meanwhile, Love craves just that: Love. She wants to be heard, understood, and cared for in a way that few people could. She thought that she had found her missing piece in Joe, but perhaps didn’t question enough why he kept secrets in the way that he did.

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