Survivor 41 episode 4: JD Robinson voted out in big blindside

Survivor 41 CastAs we prepared for Survivor 41 episode 4 on CBS, we knew from the jump that there would be some interesting drama. After all, there was talk about someone throwing a challenge!

Anytime something like this is even considered in the game, it’s always going to be a polarizing topic. From our end, it’s only worth doing if you are 100% convinced that someone will flip on you in a new phase of the game — and even then it’s a risk. We probably wouldn’t do it unless it’s after a tribe swap. Yet, this is precisely what Deshawn wanted to do to get Erika out of the game now, even though we saw NOTHING about her at all leading into this episode.

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Here’s the funny thing: No matter how hard Deshawn tried in order to throw the challenge, it really didn’t matter. Ua still lost the challenge thanks to Naseer beasting it out in the Luvu tribe.

After Ua lost…

What would Shan opt to do? She had an opportunity to take the extra vote from JD if she wanted it; after all, she convinced him to give her the extra vote … again! She and Ricard were voting together and that made Genie extremely paranoid. At Tribal, she insisted that she was going to be playing the Shot in the Dark.

Yet, Genie didn’t play the Shot in the Dark — not only that, but JD left after giving Shan the advantage. This was her biggest move so far and it was the right one in terms of giving her more power in the game.

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