‘Dexter’ season 8 debate: Who’s the biggest threat now?

Dexter and Debra MorganIn recent articles about “Dexter” season 8, we have talked a little bit about how there are only a few ways feasibly that this show can end: Dexter Morgan will either find a way to escape prosecution for his many crimes, be killed in some way, or find himself being carted off into prison. However, there is one question that we have not fully toughed on just yet: who exactly is the person most likely to bring this serial killer down? There are obvious choices, darkhorse candidates, and those who seemingly have no hope of being the hero (or the villain, if you’re actually rooting for Dexter to get off scotch-free) at all.

Deb – Of course, this is the easy option for being the biggest threat to Dexter. She knows who he is and what he does, and now that she has also killed, she could try to justify turning herself and Dexter in as a way for them to both atone for what they have done. We can’t really see someone so wrapped up in the idea of justice not wanting to do something after shooting LaGuerta in the finale.

Matthews – Another likely candidate, given that he knows LaGuerta was after Dexter hard, and he knows a great deal about him. However, it would hardly be satisfying if a recurring character is the one to take Dexter down, now would it?

Batista – This is a very intriguing option to us, as the burnt-out cop may look to stay with Miami Metro as a means to figure out what happened to LaGuerta. This could bring him to both Dexter and Deb, and he is potentially smart enough to devise a way to keep him from meeting the same fate as his ex-wife.

Quinn – This possibility is personally intriguing, largely because we know that Quinn has always sensed something off about Dexter … and if he ends up getting romantically involved with his babysitter Jamie, he will suddenly be around again. As for the problems with this theory, the simplest one is just that Quinn likely still holds on to feelings for Deb, and this could keep him from really breathing too hard down anyone’s neck.

Jamie – The evidence is under her nose, but she’s no cop and won’t be bothered to look unless she stumbles upon something.

Masuka – He’s great at his job … but nobody’s going to want to see the comic relief take Dexter down. It’s not happening.

Who do you think is the most likely to take Dexter down, or do you think that the answer is really Dexter himself? If you want to read some more debates about the future of Dexter’s love life, you can do so over here.

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