‘Girls’ season 2 videos: See resolutions from Hannah, Marnie, and more

GirlsYou have to give some credit at the moment to the marketing team behind HBO’s “Girls,” as they’ve come up with what is a rather brilliant way at the moment to promote season 2 of the show: by using 2013 completely and totally to their advantage.

The sad news about the videos that we have for you below is that none of them contain really anything in the way of new footage from the upcoming collection of episodes. However, they do feature some pretty funny clips that go along with an important theme: New Year’s resolutions. Each video starts with what one of six characters (Hannah, Marnie, Jessa, Shoshanna, Ray, and Adam) want for themselves in the new year, and then it progresses into all of the reasons why they made this particular resolution to begin with. Take as an example Marnie, who is resolving to be less uptight in 2013. This is used alongside a package of her doing a series of increasingly uptight things, including her yelling at Adam, telling Hannah she is a “good friend,” and just overall having a very bad time at a rager.

The one thing that is especially useful about this video is that it does do a pretty fantastic job of letting us know just what characters are going to be the important ones to watch on season 2 of the show, and which ones are probably going to either be forgotten or largely ignored. We’re just glad to see more Adam mostly, as he may very well be the most entertaining and disturbing person on TV at the moment … and this is without him even being one of the girls in the show’s title.

Which resolution is your favorite? Be sure to share below, and you can check out some other “Girls” season 2 video highlights over at the link here.

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