Dexter: New Blood spoilers: New photo of Jennifer Carpenter as Deb!

Dexter: New Blood season 1What sort of role is Jennifer Carpenter going to have as Deb on Dexter: New BloodWe know some of it but, odds are, there are still a few mysteries that need to be resolved here.

Here’s what we can say so far about the character, pictured in a brand-new photo above. We know that Deb is going to be a conscience-of-sorts for the title character in New Blood, much in the same way that Harry was in the original. She’s still dead, but rest assured, she had an important role to play. She’s also not going to be fully herself; instead, she will largely serve as a projection for how Dexter feels she would react. There is an important distinction here.

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Do we anticipate a lot of big, fundamental differences between Deb and Harry? Absolutely. For starters, Harry was never around for what happened in Dexter proper; Deb, meanwhile, saw all of it. Even this manifested version of her has knowledge and resources that the original Harry never did. He saw a different version of his son than Deb would her brother.

Also, in general we feel like Deb, even in this form, will be as cynical and biting as ever. She’s not going to be a completely different person, mostly because there’s no reason for Dexter to imagine her as such. She’ll likely still try to convince Dexter to stay away from his impulses, or at least react somewhat similarly to how she did in the latter seasons once she knew the truth.

Remember that Dexter: New Blood is currently slated to premiere on November 7.

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