Survivor 41 episode 3: Brad Reese voted out over JD

SurvivorBefore we even talk about tonight’s Survivor 41 Tribal Council, can we spend a moment discussing advantage overload? At this point, there is WAY too much going on in the game.

Here’s what happened tonight: Brad got a steal-a-vote after he, Tiffany, and Sydney all snuck out in the middle of the night. He now has that plus one part of the still-inactive idol that someone on Luvu needs to find. This is without mentioning that Deshawn, Xander, and JD all have extra votes from earlier on in the season.

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When Ua lost the immunity challenge, things got a little more interesting. Shan recognized that Brad was an enormous threat in the game, especially since he had so much power across the board. Yet, JD also had some power in the form of an extra vote — he also was sketchy around camp.

The most surprising move was JD opting to give Shan the extra vote leading into Tribal as a show of trust; she could have easily taken it for herself! This was a vote based on trust, and also who wants to be the one to run the show. The advantage for Shan to keep JD instead of Brad is that she gets to be on the metaphorical throne of Ua. Keeping Brad, meanwhile, could make it look like she’s just playing Brad’s game.

In the end, Shan made her big move! Brad leaves and with that, seemingly his idol is also gone. We’ll have to see what that means moving forward.

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