Why did Freddy Rodriguez leave Bull before season 6 premiere?

Freddy Rodriguez is no longer a part of Bull on CBS, but why did this happen? Also, how was Benny written out of the show?

There are a couple of things to dive into within this piece. Let’s, first and foremost, get into why the Six Feed Under alum is no longer a part of the show. Earlier this year, reports surfaced that Freddy would not be back on the series following an internal investigation, one that came about after the departure of several writers behind the scenes. Showrunner Glenn Gordon Caron also departed the series at around the same time.

On-screen, Bull kept the exit of Rodriguez fairly simple, noting that Benny moved off to Italy to be with his new wife. It was a happier ending for the character than the actor behind the scenes, but it’s as good of an exit as you could have given the circumstances. With all of the sadness of the past year, we imagine that there was a certain resistance to creating a conclusion for Benny’s story that was a little more depressing — take what happened on The Resident earlier this year.

One of the other factors that likely went into the decision to not kill Benny off was how that would likely impact that other characters. Remember that Jason Bull and Benny had a longstanding relationship, and that’s without even mentioning that Yara Martinez is now a significant part of the show as Isabella Colon. It would have created a huge ripple effect and with that in mind, almost everything on the show would be different for many weeks on end. This way, the writers can move on past Benny and focus on a number of other things. Overall, this is probably an easier way for them to press onward.

Do you like the way Freddy Rodriguez’s Benny was written out on Bull?

What do you think the show is going to look like without him in the long-term? Be sure to share some of your thoughts and reactions to the news in the comments.

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