ABC’s ‘Revenge’ season 2: Emily VanCamp the highlight of new cast photo

RevengeIn honor of “Revenge” returning to ABC with all-new episodes on Sunday night, the network has done us the massive favor of releasing a brand-new cast photo that really does one thing for us more than anything else: create an illusion that these characters can actually exist and get along in an ordinary room.

This image is almost creepy in many ways, as the likes of Victoria Grayson, Nolan, Jack, and Daniel Grayson are all together in a room despite all of the many complications there, and acting as though they are just about to take off to church together on a Sunday morning. The strangest part of everyone here is Emily, who seems to be coming into the photo at the last minute, and is the only one actually in the process of moving while the others are stationary. Aren’t these stairs coming out of nowhere, and doesn’t it make it a little too tricky to realize that Emily VanCamp’s character is not actually twice the size of everyone else? Maybe.

As for one person who is surprisingly missing from this photo, that honor goes to Barry Sloane, who became a series regular as Aiden a little earlier on during the production. So why the snub here? More than anything else, we are assuming that this is just a result of this photo being taken before the promotion, and having it only arrive on the internet a little more recently. All of these characters plus Aiden are poised to have some pretty major roles moving forward on the season, which will begin with a new scheme by Victoria that could have Emily and Daniel spending time together again.

What do you think about this photo, and is Emily literally coming out of nowhere to you? Be sure to share some of your thoughts, and you can view an awesome new “Revenge” season 2 promo here.

Photo: ABC

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