‘Glee’ season 4: New Rachel, Finn and Kurt, Blaine teasers promise developments

Glee season 4Before the holiday break “Glee” season 4 gave viewers a little bit of hope when it comes to the possibility of Kurt and Blaine working things out and possibly getting back together in the future, but when it comes to Santana and Brittany or Rachel and Finn, those relationships are still out to lunch at this point.

Blaine went to New York for Christmas to spend time with Kurt resulting in at least a friendship – which is way better then what we’ve had between them since Blaine’s indiscretion with Eli C. Could they get back together sooner then we think? It’s possible, but rumor has it that Kurt will be faced with the possibility of a new romance of his own before that happens.

Glee season 4As for Rachel and Finn until the Christmas episode these two weren’t even talking, so there is still going to be quite a wait before there is anything building back up between these two (if anything at all).  The two new promo posters released by Fox gives us hope that Rachel and Finn and Kurt and Blaine’s relationships (and subsequent breakups) will have some sort of resolution in the second half of season 4. The network put together two different collages of both Rachel and Finn’s relationship from inception to break up and the same for Kurt and Blaine to help promote the rest of season 4, so we are thinking (and hoping) that “Glee” is going to focus more on these relationships and give the shippers out there a better resolution to two of our favorite TV romances. Along with the photos the network also posted a message on their Twitter account that read: “The Finchel era. Is it over for good?”

The one couple that was missing their own story board that fans was some sort of resolution on is Brittany and Santana.  We know that Brittany has “moved on” with Sam, but we were hoping to have a bit more on Brittany and Santana’s relationship this season – perhaps the fact that Fox did not release a story board of their relationship means that we won’t be seeing much of that for the rest of season 4.

“Glee” season 4 won’t be back to Fox for a few more weeks, but be sure to keep checking back for more news and spoilers as we will be keeping you up to date on all the latest news from the show.

Photo: Fox

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