Bachelor in Paradise 7 episode 10: Noah and Abigail break up

Abigail HeringerEven more we got to Bachelor in Paradise 7 episode 10 tonight, we knew that there was going to be a breakup happening. We also knew that Noah and Abigail were a couple to be concerned about. While they clearly got along for most of the summer, they also didn’t have a lot of conversations about the future. There wasn’t a lot of progression that made us think that they were going to be engaged at the end of the season.

So where did some of the problems lie? Well, for starters, Noah told Abigail that he was falling in love with her. Shortly after that, though, she didn’t say anything back. She felt ready to confess for some feelings the next day, but in Noah’s mind it was a little too late. It sent him down a path that he could not walk back.

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Suffice it to say, Abigail was not happy about any of this after the fact. She was heartbroken and because of that, we don’t see either one of them having a future on this show. Technically, we haven’t seen Abigail leave the beach as of yet, but she doesn’t need to for all of this to feel over. We’re not sure you can walk any of this back. Also, there’s not enough time left to make another connection.

With all of this spelled out, we have to just prepare to now be at the end of the road.

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