‘The Lying Game’ season 2 spoilers: Will Sutton change her ways?

The Lying GameSutton has never really been all that nice a girl, and we’ve seen her do some pretty underhanded things during season 1 of “The Lying Game”, including knowing that her birth mother is Rebecca and not telling Emma.  So is her mean streak going to continue into season 2 or will she find that Emma’s good nature will start to rub off on her?

In a new interview with TVLine, showrunner Chuck Pratt reveals that not only will Emma’s positive attitude start to effect Sutton, but that some of Sutton’s bad habits will start to rub off on Emma.  He said: “Sutton will finds herself looking at Emma and wishing she could be more like her, and at the same time, you’ve got Emma realizing that she’s slipped so easily into Sutton’s shoes: Is she becoming more dishonest [and] devious?”

Sutton will spend season 2 getting to know her real birth mother in Rebecca (who is devious in her own way) and will quickly realize that she’s not really all Sutton hoped she would be.  Also expect to see a  love square (yeah that’s a thing) with Emma, Ethan, Sutton and Thayer continuing throughout the season, but also know that a new biker boy named Jordan will be coming into town as well, who will have eyes for Emma.

“The Lying Game” season 2 will return to ABC Family on Tuesday, January, 8th at 9 p.m. so be sure to tune in and see what happens to Sutton now that she knows Rebecca is her birth mother.

Photo: ABC Family

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