‘Suits’ season 2 spoilers: The legal warfare continues in new promo

SuitsWhile we have already shared with you some new details straight from the “Suits” season 2 winter premiere, we now have a little bit more of a video companion to just what is going to be coming up on the hit USA series moving forward.

This new promo is hardly going to be something that gives too much away, but the good news here is that the footage shown off is actually of several upcoming episodes, and not necessarily just the premiere. This gives us even some greater insight into the plans that are in place for the series, as Mike and Harvey have to navigate the delicate ins and outs of what is a very difficult road ahead for both of them.

When it comes to Harvey, the task is simple: trying to find a way to continue to cover for his protegee, while at the same time leveraging himself into a new position at the firm. Mike, meanwhile, has to try and reconcile being a lawyer under false pretenses with being the man that his late grandmother wanted him to be … which is something that is not always going to be a particularly easy thing for him to do. Rachel will of course be involved here, mostly in that we are going to witness the continuation of Mike’s self-destructive tendencies as he continues to let down someone who obviously cares about him a great deal.

As for Louis, let’s just say that he is corrupted by power easier than most … even though Louis was probably a man corrupted long before he had power in the first place.

What do you think about this promo? Once again, be sure to click here if you want more specifics from the January 17 return of the show.

Photo: USA

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