NCIS season 19 episode 2: What is Navis Ventures?

NCIS season 19 episode 2On the other side of NCIS season 19 episode 2, it feels like we’ve got a whole new mystery on our hands! This is one all about Navis Ventures, who are suddenly a very mysterious entity in what is sure to be a larger mystery.

For the sake of this article, let’s focus in on one simple question: Who exactly are they?

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Tonight, we saw it revealed that the “serial killer” at the heart of Gibbs and Marcie’s investigation was Tom Samuels a.k.a. Paul Lemere. He wasn’t someone altogether eager to talk with Gibbs, Parker, or anyone else; he even gave the name of a lawyer who’d been dead for more than a decade! As it turns out, Lemere was not killing people randomly at all; instead, he was fulfilling contracts that were handed over to him by the aforementioned organization, Navis Ventures. These were contract killings, but for what purpose remains to be seen.

Moving forward, the mystery with this show now becomes not only who is behind these killings, but why they chose to go about them in the first place. What was the endgame here? There must be a connection, and we’d bet that all of these victims are tied to something that this group is trying to stop. It was clearly enough to send Lemere into a frenzy; the moment he heard that name, he did everything in his power to run straight out of the interrogation room, hurting Jessica Knight in the process. (That moment when Kasie was fighting for her life was legitimately terrifying.)

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What sort of role do you think Navis Ventures will place on NCIS season 19 moving forward?

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