‘Bones’ season 8 spoilers: How will Brennan react to Cam and Arastoo’s romance?

BonesOffice romances are inevitable, but on “Bones” they seem to be more of the norm then the exception to the rule, so why has Cam and Arastoo been hiding their relationship from everyone? And when the rest of the staff finds out that they are dating, what will their reaction be?

One would expect that because most of the staff in the lab are in relationships with each other that they would be supportive of Cam and Arastoo dating, but Cam has been worried that because Arastoo is an intern working under her that there will be disapproving eyes on her. Cam and Arastoo will come clean in an upcoming episode and start telling people about their relationship, but there is going to be one person who thinks this romance is a bad idea and won’t be very supportive.  Want to venture a guess at who that’s going to be or is it pretty obvious?  Even though Brennan has her own office romance with Booth, she will not be looking favorably on Cam’s choice to be with Arastoo. Executive producer Stephen Nathan explains: “Brennan is going to be very disapproving, even though it’s completely hypocritical.”

So what’s coming up for some of the other office romances?  According to TV Line, Sweets and Daisy will be forced to deal with their unresolved issues when the pair are forced to work together on a case and Angela’s frustrations with her career (and lack of artistic outlet) will continue to push the limits with her marriage to Hodgins.

“Bones” season 8 returns to Fox on Monday, January, 14th at 8 p.m. with a special double episode (2 hours of “Bones” folks!), so be sure to tune in and see what the gang is up to.  If you want to know more about the double episode, be sure to check out our preview here.

Photo: Fox

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