‘American Horror Story’ spoilers: Jessica Lange talks season 3

American Horror Story: AsylumFans have been hot and cold when it comes to “American Horror Story: Asylum” – they’ve either really been enjoying this season or they feel that there’s just too much going on.  We were originally in the first camp and loved where the show was going, but we quickly slid into the second camp after last night’s episode that included a singing and dancing number. (Warning: Spoilers ahead)

We were really excited for this season when we heard it was going to be in an asylum run by evil nuns and felt that all of the  elements were gelling together really well when it first started.  Then came the aliens, then came Dr. Arden’s monsters, then came the Nazi’s – it turned into such a mish-mash of stories that we actually started to forget what we are watching (does anyone even remember the Adam Levine story line anymore?)

So what does Ryan Murphy plan to do for season 3, specifically with Jessica Lange?  Will he have a more focused story line or will it be so jammed pack that no one will care about the characters?  Murphy revealed that in last night’s episode there was going to be an Easter egg revealing what or where the next season would take place, but he also said that the clue was so small that people wouldn’t likely catch it (we didn’t).  In a new interview with Vulture, Jessica Lange spoke about season 3 and said that so far she’s made no requests when it comes to the next character she will be playing.  She said:

“I just kind of blanket asked this year: “Can I sing? Can I dance?” But I’ve made no requests for next season yet. I don’t know the foundation. I know he’s got a place, a time, moving back in forth and time … it’s all percolating as we speak. Once I know, then I’ll think on it.”

There are still three episodes of “American Horror Story: Asylum” left and with Sister Mary Eunice and Dr. Arden out of the picture, the only real big bad left is Dr. Thredson – who really isn’t all that frightening in comparison to Sister Mary Eunice (or maybe it’s just that we are bored with the mommy issue killers).  Be sure to tune in next Wednesday, January 9th for a new episode of “American Horror Story: Asylum”.

Photo: FX

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