Ted Lasso season 2 episode 10: What did Rupert whisper to Nate?

Ted Lasso season 2There were so many powerful moments in Ted Lasso season 2 episode 10, it’s almost impossible to go through them all. This was a powerful, moving story about grief, and we’re not sure any comedy in recent memory has tackled this material better.

Yet, for the sake of this article we want to focus in on one of the few moments in “No Weddings and a Funeral” that could have enormous bearing on the long-term future. We are speaking of that small exchange between Nate and Rebecca’s ex Rupert right after her father’s funeral. Rupert had just informed Rebecca beforehand that he was “gifting” some ownership in Richmond back to her and on the surface, it felt like a kind gesture.

However, since when does Rupert do anything kind? It does feel as though there is something more malicious coming underneath the surface here, and we would caution everyone out there to be aware of this moving into the final episodes. Also, remember that Nate is addicted to praise — he’s had so little recognition through his whole life, and we know he would be incredibly attracted to the idea of someone giving him extra attention.

Here’s a theory to contemplate for now: Rupert is gifting Rebecca shares, even if they were not originally from him, because he is contemplating buying a rival club. From there, he could snatch away Nate and make him the head coach. This would validate most of the story for Nate this season where his dark side has occasionally come into focus. He wants to feel like he matters and that thirst could be such that he would be willing to move away from his friends to do it.

Meanwhile, there is nothing Rupert would love more than to purchase a team that could humiliate Richmond down the road. It may not be a pleasant thought, but don’t be surprised if the series moves in this direction.

The one thing we know for sure is simple: This moment was clearly in the episode for a reason. We can’t forget it.

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