‘Guys with Kids’ review: Flashbacks and chipped teeth

Guys with KidsAfter a terrible first episode, “Guys with Kids” was a pretty easy show to give up on. While many comedies can improve on bad starts, it really felt as though it was going to make a miracle to pull this one out of its rut.

However, we are a believer in second chances; and by this, we mean checking out a show again after it has had a little bit of time to find its footing. Therefore, we picked up the Jimmy Fallon-produced show again on Wednesday night in hopes that it had found a way to build in some shape or form from where it was at first: a show that could be summed up in its title.

So is “Guys with Kids” really that much better than it was months ago? The answer here is both yes and no. The one thing that we are the most disappointed in is that most of these characters are still the cookie-cutter stereotypes of real people that they were several episodes ago. There’s still no one on this show that is particularly easy to relate to; every show needs that standout character that makes you want to watch. We see the show desperately wanting that courtesy of Shelia, she not necessarily evil enough to be on par with someone like Leslie Knope or Dr. Sheldon Cooper.

As for the storyline this week, we will at least give the writers a little bit of praise for doing something different on a night when fewer competition was on against it: showing us a story about how all of the main couples got to where they are today courtesy of various flashbacks. It felt in some ways similar to the mock clip show from “Community” season 2, and there were some genuinely funny moments from some of the characters as we saw everything from kilts to random fights to the blame game. The show is actually far better when the kids are secondary rather than the focus, and the shift here to the adult characters worked out in its favor.

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